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November 08, 2019 Michael Bradigan

We have been getting frequent inquires asking how best to keep weight off, or lose it, during the holidays.  So…here are a few tried and true tips to help you enjoy the holidays, without putting on the pounds, and maybe even lose a few...

October 25, 2019 Michael Bradigan

How is it that we can put a man on the moon, create self driving cars,  grow human body parts in a petri dish, but we can’t lose a measly 15 pounds of body fat?  Apparently, something is really wrong with the way we are trying to lose weight...

June 27, 2019 Team Pure Body Protein

By Melissa Mae & Michael Bradigan.   We are getting LOTS of emails asking how to best shed 10-15 pounds… fast!! As the summer is upon us. Many of you are planning back pack excursions, extended hikes, bike tours, canoeing,...