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14 day, Fat Burning Intensive

by Team Pure Body Protein on June 27, 2019

By Melissa Mae & Michael Bradigan.  

We are getting LOTS of emails asking how to best shed 10-15 pounds… fast!! As the summer is upon us.

Many of you are planning back pack excursions, extended hikes, bike tours, canoeing, or water sports, others are starting to wear skimpier clothes; bathing suits, short sleeves, shorts, skirts, summer dresses etc. and want the fastest route from “fat to fabulous”.

We hear you. So here you go!

The Most Efficient Weight Loss There Is!

Warning: - Before you start this, or any weight loss program, check with your doctor. If you are on any medications, especially insulin, are diabetic, have heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney stones, psychiatric medications, or have any health concerns, consult your physician.

This 14 day fat burning intensive is designed to get you into the body fat burning phase as fast as possible, while at the same time bathing your cells and tissues in high quality protein, to keep you strong, alert and happy. You will be cutting carbs, and cutting calories, which commands your body to burn fat, instead of blood sugar for energy. When that switch happens, your cells re-engineer themselves and demand a new fuel source, fat, and burn it as your primary fuel. Your energy becomes stable, weight starts to fall off, you may need less sleep, feel more energetic and alert and a variety of other benefits ensue. Without a doubt, this is the most efficient, precise, method of natural weight loss there is. Do it by the numbers, you’ll be a believer.  

Is it possible to lose more weight in 14 days, than you have in a full year on any other program?  

In 14 days you’ll know.

Ok… Excited? Ready to start? Good! Get started!!!

Fuel Sources

You are going to rapidly, with scientific precision, switch your body into high intensity fat burning mode. Remember your body has two sources of fuel, blood sugar, or body fat. You can command your body to switch to this reserve fuel, and when it does, your body pulls fat off your arms, thighs, hips, stomach, and burns it as energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You Won't Feel Hungry

Happily, when the fat burning switch is thrown, it also triggers the release of a hormone called Leptin, who’s function is to accelerate the mobilization and burning of fat, and, the suppressing of appetite. When your body starts burning fat, it thinks it's full, so it tells your brain “ not hungry “, which is a very happy experience. The name Leptin, comes from the Greek word Leptos, or, “thin”.

You’ll push your plate away, you can’t finish your meal, you just aren’t hungry, even though you are eating less calories, and less carbohydrates. It is considered the missing link in the world of weight loss. Skeptical? You have every right to be so. The proof is in the 14 day pudding!! Keeping this internal chemistry correct is critical. Be strict with the rules, you won’t feel hungry, your body will mobilize and burn fat, and you’ll go from flabby to fabulous.


Leptin is the hormone which commands your body to
Burn Fat and suppress appetite.

Stiffen Discipline

To insure you power through the first 48 hours, and don’t have any hiccups, let’s go over a few tried and true rules.

Get rid of any food, drink, snack, chip, seed, gum, sugary sweet, within your house, office, drawer, glove box, night stand, tool box, purse, make up drawer, that is not approved for this 14 day fat burning intensive. Get rid of the temptations such as cookies, cakes, licorice, pop tarts, breads, crackers, deserts, fruits, breads, sugars, muffins, ice cream, crackers, hard cheeses, alcohol, sauces, salad dressings, soda pop, M n M’s, peanuts, candies, etc. ( see our website or your booklet for non-approved foods ). If you can’t grab something to cheat on, you don’t.

The Rules Are Easy, and Delicious,
Just Follow Them


"To exercise restraint; to hold in check; curb"

(Webster's dictionary)

Do the 14 day fat burning intensive as written. Don’t do your “version” of it. It’s called “intensive“ because it is a strict, disciplined, tightly controlled, intense 14 day period….. but the results are fabulous. Many, people lose more weight in these 14 days than they have in a full year on any other program.   So the results are there for you to obtain. It’s not a question of whether it works or not. It comes down to, whether you did it right or not.

So, if you want great results follow the rules.

I want to warn you though, to make this work, you’ll have to do this by the numbers. You’ll have to do this fat burning intensive like a dedicated drill sergeant. Waiver, cheat, be undisciplined and you’ll be disappointed. Run exquisite control, follow the rules, and be precise. Remember, It’s only 14 breakfasts, 14 lunches and 14 dinners. Do it right, and you’ll have learned a brilliant lesson. Which is: You CAN command your body to burn fat. You CAN lose weight quickly. You CAN shed pounds and inches, without starvation, pills, weighing or measuring food, without feeling hungry, tired and depressed. You CAN control what you put in your mouth, and win.

Do it Right and it Works!

Even minor cheating throws off your internal chemistry, fat burning gets interrupted, Leptin levels drop, you get hungry, and it takes another 24-48 hours to re-set your chemistry to fat burning mode. Our bodies function within a very narrow tolerance band. Go just a mile up in the atmosphere, you won’t be able to breathe and you’ll die. Venture into temperatures below 32 degrees and you’ll freeze. Go under water more than 3 minutes and you’ll drown. Get the idea? Our bodies have a very narrow tolerance band. Similarly your fat burning chemistry has a narrow tolerance band of workability. It’s narrow!!!!! Get it wrong, flub, cheat, and it won’t work. Do it right, and man will you burn fat, without the harrowing side effects of hunger.

The Rules Are Simple. The Food Is Simple.
The Results Are Amazing.

The Rules

Days 1-3

Limit Carbs to 50 per day

Have one Pure Body Protein shake

Two low carb meals.

( See booklet or website for references )

Days 4 - 14

Limit carbs to 30 carbs per day

Consume Two Pure Body Protein shakes

One low carb meal ( preferably lunch ).

(See booklet or website for references)


Coffee, teas, lots of water.

Sprinkle in 20 minutes daily exercise. Minimum is a 20 min walk.

Drink filtered water throughout the day.


1 oz brie cheese. 2 x a day.

 It’s about 1 carb, per one square inch. Brie is up to 50-percent water content. Brie is lower in calories per ounce than cheddar or other hard cheeses, is naturally low in carbohydrates and the fat content is filling.

Celery.   Often as you like.  

½ an apple with cinnamon.   2 x a day.

Yes, It’s Simple. That’s the Whole Point

You are cutting calories, cutting carbs, and burning fat, while at the same time feeding your muscles, cells and tissues abundant easy to digest delicious proteins… vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils.   It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it works.

Get Ready.... Get Set.....

List out the potential problems you may encounter during your 14 day, fat burning intensive.

( Birthday, vacation, restaurants, habits, happy hours, wedding, friends, etc. ) Bit of prediction is good

Figure out how you will handle those problems in advance.

List food temptations, and environments to avoid.

Example: Blueberry muffins, your work associate brings in on “ muffin Monday “ that are your favorite.

Handling: Pretend you aren’t feeling well and avoid the muffins.

Example: Tuesday tradition. Taco truck and beer with friends on Taco Tuesdays after work.

Handling: Taco Tuesday. Excuse yourself, you have to baby sit for a neighbor and can’t make it.

Who will try to sabotage your efforts? ( keep away from this person)

Write down the amount of fat you want to lose.

What would be amazing for you? 8 pounds? 12 pounds? Pick a high target, that motivates you that you can achieve. If you don’t quite make, it, extend the time frame.

Figure out how you will handle those problems in advance.

Prepare the celery and the apple ahead of time, so you have your snacks at the ready.

If you find yourself a bit hungry before bed, take a walk, shower, brush your teeth, do something to distract yourself, BUT don't go in the kitchen period. Don't blow it at 10:45 at night!

Weigh yourself each day. Ideally it’s when you first get up, after using the toilet.

Take your vitamins and minerals.

The Most Efficient Weight Loss There Is!

Ok! There you go. If you do this as written, you'll be applying the modern science of natural weight loss, you will command your body to burn fat, and you will lose weight faster than you ever dreamed possible.

It's fast, it's simple, it's stood the test of time and it works. Again, don't be fooled by this simplicity, that is one of the reasons it works so well. Not a lot of options, not a lot of preparation, not a lot to goof up. Simple, yet oh so effective.... as you are about to see.

Go get um tiger!!

Melissa Mae

Michael Bradigan

P.S. Yes this works! You'll lose more weight in 14 days than you have in a full year on any other program! Seen it work time and time again, and all without feeling hungry!!

Warning: - Before you start this, or any weight loss program, check with your doctor. If you are on any medications, especially insulin, are diabetic, have heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney stones, psychiatric medications, or have any health concerns, consult your physician.

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