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21st Century Bringing You Down?

by Michael Bradigan on January 30, 2020

By: Michael Bradigan.

Research published in the National Institutes of Health articles report findings on how pollutants, ( cellular metabolic waste, in addition to impurities from air, water, skin care products, pesticides and more) are considered a primary causes of a variety of health challenges.

Researchers note there are now more impurities entering our blood stream every day, than there are vitamins and minerals, which are required to excrete them.  

Meaning, each day, our bodies are overwhelmed by chemical pollutants, which can wreak internal chaos.

The researchers described how these chemicals exacerbate Type 2 Diabetes.

“The greatest amount of research has shown very strong correlations between toxic load and virtually every measure of blood sugar regulation, insulin levels, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. This is not surprising considering that most of these chemicals are insulin receptor site poisons”.

The point the researchers made is that as our bodies accumulate impurities, these chemical poisons cause a variety of health problems.  In this case, the chemicals degrade the cells ability to receive insulin, thus requiring more insulin to do its job, therefore allowing higher levels of blood sugar than normal, and higher insulin levels.  More blood sugar, more insulin = fat accumulation and internal hormonal imbalances.  

The moral of the story. 

1. Make sure your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office are toxin free. 2. Make sure you are drinking plenty of reverse osmosis water.  3. Eat Organic.  4. Do a periodic cleanse.  5. Avoid food that is frozen or comes in a box or can.  6. Get a good air purifier and use it at night in your bedroom.

Inner Cleansing helps initiate a biological inner “ washing “ which revs up your bodies ability to cleanse itself of pollutants.  A really good thing to do, once, or twice a year.  

This 100% Natural Herbal tablet program helps to loosen up, dissolve and wash away impurities within, leaving you feeling delightfully energetic and refreshed. 
The Colon program helps to cleanse and stimulate the bowel, insuring they move 2-3 times per day. The Whole body program helps to initiate an "inner washing", stimulating the body's internal cleansing actions.