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How Much Protein do you Need?

by Team Pure Body Protein on April 25, 2018

Probably more than you are currently getting.  As reported in Harvard Health, recently, more than 60 scientists, health experts and nutrition researchers from the US and around the world gathered in Washington DC to discuss the role of protein in human health. Their recommendations and findings are not surprising to those of us who have been following a low carb diet, for some time. For the newly initiated however, it brings even more certainty, that increasing ones' protein, is critical to good health.

According to the researchers the current RDA for protein of 10% of daily calories, is anything but adequate. Their review of the science suggests that up to 35% of daily calories is a good range to aim for in your daily consumption of protein. Ideally, the scientists say, you should aim for 35-30 grams of protein per meal, and then spread the remaining protein intake throughout the day. ( Think; 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day). According to the researchers, this upper range of protein intake is associated with reduced risk of chronic disease, healthy aging, increased metabolic activity, renal function, bone health, and weight loss / management.

The studies also showed that modestly higher intakes of protein evenly distributed throughout the day, stimulated muscle protein synthesis, thereby helping maintain muscle mass in older adults. Meaning if you are 60 years old, or older, it is critical if you want to maintain your muscle mass, to increase your daily protein intake and to move that body!

Here is a list, to help guide your choices. Of course there are many good choices of protein.



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