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Is Cleansing Right for you?

by Michael Bradigan on April 12, 2018

Think about it.

We are the first generation in the history of man that has been raised in an environment full of impurities,  pollution, pesticides, dyes, cleansers, plastics, solvents, chemicals, fabric softeners, air fresheners, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and more.  Think about this….in New York, a lake got so polluted it caught on fire!!!

We are also the first generation, that has been raised on junk foods, frozen and processed foods, packed foods,  muffins, cookies, hormones, steroids, doughnuts, preservatives, ice cream, soda, sugar, alcohol, prescription and  recreational street drugs, for decades.

Combine them, and you get a glimpse of the modern day impurities, with which our bodies have  to struggle. Is it any wonder that many of us complain of feeling tired, or looking old before our time?  Our body’s natural hormonal process’, cells, tissues, blood, vital organs, bones, eyes, hair, skin have no use for manmade chemicals.  None. At the very least they will make you tired, at the worst… well that is wide open to many, many, opinions. I can tell you though, that other than living in a hermetically sealed environment, it is impossible not to slowly accumulate impurities in your body, and they do not belong there.

Common sense would dictate then, that periodically  getting rid of these impurities would be a pretty good idea.

This process of getting rid of them,  is called inner cleansing. Inner cleansing  has been utilized for tens of thousands of years, to improve mental focus, and spiritual values, and only recently has it taken on the  usage to help with skin texture, increase energy, break food ( or other ) bad habits, firm up personal resolve, lose weight and improve overall health and sense of well being.  For those of us who have done this, you know how powerful and effective this simple process can be.

The methods can be quite simple.  Fasting, saunas, herbal supplements, colonics, limited food diets, are a few of the common methods.   Generally, the idea is to help stimulate the body’s cleansing pathways, while giving it simple, mineral rich foods with which to restore its depleted phytochemical and mineral reserves.  Typically a vegetable broth made from deep rooted vegetables and their tops is used, as the only source of nourishment, along with plenty of water. The deep rooted vegetables contain the variety of minerals, and trace minerals, that activate and replenish the bodies network of detoxification pathways.  This is another reason the deep rooted herbal formulas are so effective, inexpensive and popular. A good method is to get a colon cleanse, coupled with a body cleanse formula, while supplementing with the restoration broth, and a good quality easy to digest protein shake, to maintain muscle mass. In this way, you are slowly, but effectively jump starting your body to cleanse, while at the same time, the shakes help maintain your strength and energies.

This is done, typically once or twice a year… ( like getting your teeth cleaned ), or more frequently, if your lifestyle requires it.

Think, spring cleaning, but instead of your garage, it’s your colon, and the rest of your body..!