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It is Still Sugar, By Any Other Name

by Team Pure Body Protein on May 25, 2018

Do you know how much sugar you are consuming?

By law food manufacturers have to list ingredients on food labels.   But what if you didn’t recognize the ingredient name? Is that ingredient harmful? Harmless, healthy,? Well, there are a few tricks being played, you should know about. Especially if you want to cut back on sugars. Fact: manufacturers don’t have to list whether the total sugar content includes added sugar. Meaning, if you were to look at a label, it’s nearly impossible to know if the sugar listed on the lable comes from the natural sugar in the food itself ( ie: from milk, or fruit ) or, alternately, if it comes from added sugars ( like sugar, honey, corn syrup, etc. ).   Unlike carbs, proteins or fats the FDA does not require added sugars to be noted, so you need to know this data cold, to protect yourself and your family.  

You need to be very familiar with the numerous names for sugars, that manufacturers use in an effort to make them disappear on the label. Only in this way will you be able to avoid the mountain of added sugars in our foods, that modern nutritional science warns us leads to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, alzhiemers and more.

It should be obvious to the reader, that you have to learn these names and this information yourself. Drug companies are not going to tell you. Food manufacturers are not going to tell you, and they both hope you won’t find out. Commercial food giants are going to sell you foods which reap highest profit for shareholders. Period. They know you want to avoid sugars, at the same time, they aknow if it ‘ ain’t sweet – it ain’t gonna sell”. .   So, hiding sugar in plain site is the perfect “ work around ‘.

As you know it’s these sugars that react with our internal hormonal systems and literally create fat. You also know being overweight, or obese, statistically is being likened to smoking for it’s impact on for morbidity. Sugar may be the new cigarette, and we know it can be as habit forming, and potentially as addictive. Cutting back on sugar, by any name, is critical if you want to lose weight, protect your heart, and lower your risk for diabetes and other disastrous diseases.

To that end, here is a list of other names for sugar. If you see these names on the label, think…. ‘sugar’. And they may, or may not be, reflected in the “ sugars “ category of your food label.

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