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Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy!

by Michael Bradigan on May 11, 2018

Summer  time!  The best season of the year!  The weather is perfect and we finally get to relax, and enjoy the great outdoors, with our families and friends!

That’s right! Bicycling, canoing, surfing, beaching, hiking, traveling, Frisbee, water sports….  are just around the corner!!   If you’re like the rest of us, you’re itching for some summer time fun and games!

To ensure your body is trimmed up and summer time strong,  try the “2 Day only,  Protein Fast”.  The quick and easy way to drop a few pounds, get rid of the bloating, and pump up the energy!

It’s a great idea, easy to do, and works like a charm! 

Here’s how it works:   

Pick  2 days a week, say, Tuesday’s and Thursdays.  On those two days all you eat is protein. That’s’ right.  Two days a week, all you eat is protein .  No carbs, no sugars,  just protein…as in protein only.  By way of example:  Breakfast -  Scrambled eggs and cheese.  Lunch - Grilled chicken, fish, or steak.   Dinner - A delicious and nutritious chocolate pure body protein shake, (add a table spoon of peanut butter to splurge).   Try this for a few weeks and watch what happens. Does the word amazing ring a bell?

The 2 day only Protein Fast,  is a trick body builders use before competition to burn off the last remaining ounces of fat,  and a tool hollywood celebrities use to shed a few for love scenes.  Yes, you’ll lose weight, but importantly, the concentrated infusion of amino acids ( proteins )  bathes the cells and tissues each day, with what it craves, protein.  The very  materials it needs to build muscle, repair tissue, smooth skin.….  and, without any influence, or interference from carbs (sugars) or insulin. 

Meaning your body happily shifts into full tilt, ’ burn the fat  mode ‘,  while building and repairing  new cells, tissues,  blood, muscles and the like.   Trust us, it works, and you’ll like it.  You’ll  gain control of your appetite,  lose 5 pounds or more of pure fat, and you’ll see your skin,  hair and nails become smooth, thick and strong. 

A few weeks of this approach before summer and you may look and feel like a movie super hero.  And maybe, just maybe, you will win this summers’ gunny sack race !! ( while soaking  in compliments from all your friends of course!!).    And, don’t forget…. nothing brings more delight, than slipping into last summers  bathing suit, and discovering…’s a bit too big!!!!   Now that’s the way to start summer 2O18!!!!  And it can be done, without too much sacrifice!!

The moral of the story?

Get ready with the proven ‘ 2 day  only Protein Fast ‘ , and blast off into summer looking and feeling lean, energetic, and refreshed!!!  You’ll be glad you did!!