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Weight Loss 101 for the Modern Man & Woman

by Michael Bradigan on October 25, 2019

How is it that we can put a man on the moon, create self driving cars,  grow human body parts in a petri dish, but we can’t lose a measly 15 pounds of body fat?  Apparently, something is really wrong with the way we are trying to lose weight.

Here’s what’s wrong…. What we have been told by the so called authorities….”to lose weight, all you have to do is eat less ’ is flatly wrong.  I mean really? Has that really worked for anyone you know? Sorry, Mr. Know it all, despite your degree, and billions in low fat, low calorie food products…decades of human application of this hypothesis have proved.  Cutting calories, alone, does not work! Period.

Think about it, despite following this advice for decades, the universal rate of obesity continues to go up.

 Have you been to Disneyland lately?  I mean we are seriously getting heavy folks. Not good.  Diabetes type 2, heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s, strokes, are all skyrocketing.

If you went to a car mechanic, took his advice,  yet the car still did not work, would you go back?  Would you accept his statement that “ it’s your fault the engine back fires… it must be that you can’t drive correctly “.  Of course you wouldn’t. You would think he is nuts.

Yet that is what main stream medicos would have us believe.  It’s our fault. We did it wrong, cheated, are lying to them or what have you.

The big one is, are led to believe we have no will power.  The basic idea being… “If you are not losing weight, it’s because you are a glutton, or a sloth”…  “ if you just cut back on the amount of food you eat, you will lose weight….it’s all a matter of energy in, vs energy out “.  

Let me show you how ridiculous this theory is.

To buy into this energy balance theory, by way of example, you’d have to agree that a 100 calories of broccoli, reacts internally the exact same way as 100 calories of ice cream.  Meaning the way your body utilizes these calories, the hormonal reaction to these calories, would have to be the exact same.

Another example:  50 calories of blue berries, reacts internally, the same as 50 calories of chocolate covered milk duds. 

Following this logic, we are asked to accept that a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie, and you just need to cut back on them.  

Huh?  With concept held firmly in the mind…. we need to accept that 100 calories of broccoli equals 100 calories of a brownie.  As far as weight loss goes.

Really?  If you believe that please contact me, I have some swamp land I’ll sell you at a huge discount.

I’m here to tell you that is hogwash.  Your body does not react to broccoli in the same manor as a brownie.  Fact is, if you are having trouble shedding some unwanted pounds…

You are not a glutton, you are not a sloth, you do not have some “ inner pig “, that has a life of it’s own, and creates a ravenous appetite.  Your hormones, cells, liver do not react to 100 calories of snickers, the same way it reacts to 100 calories of salmon. Despite the learned advice from the so called experts.

The holy grail of weight loss, and you will hear more about this in the coming weeks, and months, is Leptin.  The holy grail of weight loss, is eating in such a fashion, that a hormone in your body called Leptin is working properly. ( Literally: Greek for “ thin “ ).  For many of us learning about this hormone and how to make sure it is doing it’s job, is the modern science of natural weight loss.

Bit of Science here:  Leptin is a hormone made predominantly by fat tissues, which gets released into the blood stream, signaling the body to make further adjustments.  You will hear lots and lots and lots about Leptin, Leptin sensitivity, Leptin resistance, etc. in the coming decades.

A key function of Leptin is  inhibiting hunger, signaling the body to stop eating.  When Leptin is received by the brain, it literally signals the brain to issue a command to STOP EATING.  

Here’s what’s happening though, in many of us, who over eat.  The command does not arrive. We don’t get the “ stop eating command “. The reason?  The Leptin receptors, the cells that pick up Leptins “ signal “  have worn out. They are de-sensitized due to an over saturation of another hormone called Insulin, which is the hormone that drives sugar out of our blood stream.


“ Leptin resistance  is now believed to be the leading driver of fat gain in humans.”  ( Healthline )

“ Leptin resistance  is the  hormone directly connected to body fat and obesity.”  ( Hormone Health Network )

“ Functioning Leptin  suppresses food intake and thereby induces weight loss.”  ( PubMed )


The modern weight loss trick is to make sure your  cells are sensitive to Leptin, that the Leptin signals are received, and acted upon.  How do you do that? Actually, simple… keep Insulin low.

Cut out sugars and carbs.  Cleave to healthy fats, moderate proteins, and nutrient dense vegetables.

This keeps Insulin low.

Too much insulin wears out the Leptin receptors in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This glands job, once signaled by Leptin, is to curb your appetite and tell you to  “ Stop Eating ”. But, if the receptors don’t pick up the signal , the “ stop eating “ switch does not get thrown, so despite eating plenty of food, your body thinks it’s hungry. 

The opposite is also true.  

When Insulin is low, and Leptin signals are received, one naturally eats appropriately.

Wouldn’t it be great if you just weren’t hungry, and didn’t care to eat?  

Now that’s a weight loss technology everyone could get behind!  That’s what happens when you control Insulin, and Leptin functions properly  Nice right? That is the modern science of weight loss. Not counting calories, rather eating so one’s internal chemistry tells one to stop eating automatically.

More detailed info on how to do this coming soon!   Good news is what we are about!

Your resident Nutritional geek.

-Michael Bradigan


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