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Which is Best? Whey or Plant Protein?

by Michael Bradigan on June 22, 2018

According to researchers at the Clean Label project,  many of the top selling plant based proteins on the market contain high levels of lead, mercury, cadium and arsenic.  Clean Label Project is an independent, 3rd party, non-profit, who uses independent laboratories to verify label claims.  This project/study compared 130 popular protein powders selling in North America.   The most disturbing information was that the organic versions of the plant based proteins showed nearly double the amount of heavy metals as their non-organic counter part.  This information reveals the fertilizers themselves may contain heavy metals, besides the contaminants that fall from the sky.

By comparison the whey and egg proteins, generally tested cleaner.  Search Clean Label Project for full details.

There are numerous scientific, nutritional reasons why whey and egg are superior sources of protein, now science is adding another one.  It’s a cleaner source.

For weight loss, there is no comparison.   Whey protein helps to suppress appetite. A great strategy is to have a small amount before you eat, or between meals to keep blood sugar levels balanced, and suppress appetite. When your blood sugar is stable, and you aren’t hungry….. guess what?  You eat less. Fewer, carbs, fewer calories, equals greater weight loss. The modern science of weight loss also has discovered the hormonal balance between insulin and leptin, is critical in switching your body’s fuel source to fat. With the modern techniques of ultra-filtration,  protein purity can reach as high as 95% pure protein, without the lactose ( milk sugars / carbs ) fat, or associated calories. Importantly, if you are following a low fat diet, supplementing with protein powder is a must, to insure your body does not dissolve muscle mass, in it’s quest for protein sources.

Next time, I’ll delve into the bio-availability of whey protein, compared to plant based proteins, and share with you how whey and egg proteins has the best nutritional, and cellular “ bang for the buck “.

Till then.  Remember: “ If it is to be….It is up to thee.”   

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