Protein + 30 Day Inner Cleanse Combo

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This easy to take herbal tablet formula helps to loosen up dissolve and wash away your bodies inner impurities.  It is a nationally recognized cleansing program, which will leave you feeling delightfully energetic and refreshed.  Used by professional health care professionals for nearly two decades.

Combined with the Pure Body Protein program.

As the protein shake bathes the cells and tissues with high quality protein, and feeds your body what it needs to make new tissue, blood, hair, skin, organs, bones, cells, the herbal cleanse helps invigorate your body and colon to get rid of the old.  Combined:

You are getting rid of the old, the inner elements your body does not want, while at the same time,  you are delivering the protein it needs to strengthen and re-build itself.

That’s why we call it the Pure Body Protein weight loss program.  You end up with a PURE, Strong Lean body.

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