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Have you tried cutting calories, cutting fat, starving yourself, or exercising until you drop, to lose weight, but end up with little to show for it? Well, don’t feel like the lone ranger on this and don’t beat yourself down. The truth is, you didn’t fail your weight loss efforts, the advice is what failed you!


Think about it.   If the “ cut the calories” advice worked, we would be getting thinner over the decades. We aren't. Instead, we are getting fatter. In reality, we are amidst a global obesity epidemic. As much as we'd like to blame it on "calories" and "sedentary lifestyles", that old theory has not proven to be workable for most of us



Modern weight loss scientists emphasize controlling food categories, more than controlling food calories. Food types ( protein, carbs, or fats ) cause very different hormonal responses. The hormonal response to carbohydrates (one type of food ) results in a feeling of hunger, and creates fat. Emphasize proteins and fats and you feel full, and burn fat. The idea, that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie is false.


100 calories of brownies is not equal to 100 calories of tuna fish.  

The brownies cause insulin release. The tuna fish, does not. One causes fat creation, the other results in fat utilization.

Successful weight loss is a result of knowing which foods cause fat to be created and which foods cause fat to be cremated! This program teaches you those rules ( get your free booklet!) But most importantly, is if you aren't hungry, you won't so many calories, not matter the source!

LEPTIN: The ‘Hunger’ Hormone!

Have you found yourself stubbornly figuring out the shortest Google Maps route to your nearest Pinkberry just a mere hour and 45 minute after eating your last meal? We all know that constantly feeling hungry and craving sweets is not the ideal situation when we are trying to lose weight. But what if we told you, you could control hunger with the type of food you eat?

Well you can!

Your body has it's own natural appetite suppressor. It’s an internal hormone called LEPTIN, ( literally latin for thin! ). It is often referred to as the "satiety hormone" and carries the task of telling the brain that we have enough fat stored, that we don't need to eat, and that we can burn calories at a normal rate. The problem is many people struggling with weight loss are leptin resistant due to their diets and the brain therefore is not being told that it is full and satisfied.

How it works: Leptin release is controlled by the “master” hormone called Insulin.

* Excess insulin results in sub production of leptin. This increases appetite.
* Reduction of insulin results in an increases of leptin. This de- stimulates appetite.


You can easily de-stimulate your appetite and activate leptin by a simple change in your diet!

1. Cut back on the types of foods that heighten Insulin production, such as processed foods, sugars and carbohydrates.

2. Increase the intake of foods that lower insulin production such as proteins and healthy fats. ( thereby increasing Leptin)


RESULTS: When you cut back on foods that require Insulin production, two things happen:

A) Your body will utilize FAT for energy production, meaning you burn off body fat.
B) Leptin ( the thinning hormone ) engages and gets activated. Therefore you naturally feel full faster and, as a natural consequence, just eat less.  

*** In one study, 14 overweight men who consumed 25% of their calories from protein for 12 weeks experienced a 50% reduction in their desire for late-night snacking, compared to a group that consumed less protein. Additionally, those with a higher protein intake reported greater fullness throughout the day and fewer obsessive thoughts about food (1).


Our approach to weight loss does not require slavishly cutting calories that will only leave you hungry and frustrated. Pure Body Protein weight loss program will easily transforms your metabolism by a simple reduction of food types that cause a spike in insulin. The result?

  1. You don’t have to double down on your ‘ eat less ‘ will power.  
  2. You will find yourself eating delicious and nutrient dense foods that will naturally satisfy your metabolism, keeping you fuller for longer periods. You eat less because your not hungry!

We have done our research, talked to top expert nutritionists and doctors, debunked the status quo and combined it all into a program that we believe is the quickest, healthiest, and tastiest program out there! Yes, we know it sounds too simple to be true. But we highly suggest you try it for yourself and see! We have provided all the necessary tools you need so you can finally begin a successful journey to permanent weight loss!