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The Diet Rescue and
T2 Diabetes Reversal Plan

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To get this important information into the hands of as many people as possible, we have made the eBook version absolutely free. Why? We hope to build a community that will get results and change the way that Western medicine treats T2 diabetes and get people off prescriptions.


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We have had alot of requests to also have a physical copy of our book. And to do that, we are using Amazon’s print-on-demand service, KDP. Feel free to download the eBook version while you wait for the paperback to arrive!

You can order your copy at a $15.00 savings for only $9.95 at Amazon.


About Author
Kenneth Wright

Ken Wright is a natural health advocate, and a passionate researcher and writer in the fields of natural medicine. In his new book, “ The Diet Rescue & T2 Diabetes Reversal Plan “, Ken teaches you the new, easy to follow and do, surefire weight loss techniques sweeping Europe and how this scientifically proven method, rapidly reverses T2 diabetes.

In “The Diet Rescue and T2 Diabetes Reversal Plan”, Mr. Wright details breakthrough research developed in the U.K. that has caught the worlds attention. Medical researchers have now proven how a person “ gets “ T2 diabetes, and more importantly, how to reverse it. This is the first time, in the history of the world, this has occurred, and its application will save untold pain, misery, and financial loss. It’s not a drug, a medicine or a surgery that reverses T2 diabetes, rather it is rapid weight loss. Meaning, a new surefire method of rapid weight loss has also been developed that has users bewildered at its ease of use and rapid effectiveness. Twenty to thirty pound weight loss in 8-12 weeks was not uncommon.

The Diet Rescue, rescues those of us trying to lose weight but can’t and those of us with T2 who would rather get rid of it than manage it.

Books by Dr. Roy Taylor

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

In this pocket version of his bestselling Life Without Diabetes, Professor Roy Taylor offers a brilliantly concise explanation of what happens to us when we get type 2 and how we can escape it. Taylor’s research has demonstrated that type 2 is caused by just one factor – too much internal fat in the liver and pancreas – and that to reverse it you need to strip this harmful internal fat out with rapid weight loss.

In simple, accessible language, Taylor takes you through the three steps of his clinically proven Newcastle weight loss plan and shows how to incorporate the program into your life.


Life Without Diabetes

A momentous medical breakthrough —a scientifically proven program for managing and reversing Type 2 Diabetes at any stage of health. The fastest growing disease in the world, Type 2 diabetes has long been regarded as an incurable, lifelong condition that becomes progressively worse over time, resulting in pain, loss of vision, amputation, and even premature death. But there is hope.

For more than four decades, Dr. Roy Taylor has been studying the causes of diabetes. In 2017, he had a breakthrough: he found scientific proof that Type 2 diabetes is not only reversible, but that anyone following a simple regimen can prevent and cure it.