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Keytone Test Strips

These are small ( like a match-stick ) diagnostic pads. You pee on them. If your body has switched from burning sugar for fuel, to burning FAT for fuel, a byproduct of the process called KETONES, shows up in your urine These sticks test for that. It verifies your body is now burning fat, not muscle.

Simply pass the stick through the urine stream and compare it to the chart, the color gradation tells you your body is burning fat, not blood sugar. Meaning, you are successfully losing body fat, and what you are doing is working. Our customers swear by them.

Glucose Test Strips

Pass this stick through our urine stream and it will indicate whether your body is trying to 'dump' sugar through your urine, which would indicate a diabetic state, or a pre-diabetic state. It helps one to get an idea if they may have blood sugar problems.

Not a test for diabetes: Should a person see sugar in the urine, a confirmation exam and test would be necessary, from a medical professional and lab.

These Glucose test strips are a fast and easy way to screen for glucose (blood sugar) in the urine. You get clear and accurate results in under 2 minutes. These diagnostic pads however, do not diagnose diabetes. A positive result is considered presumptive or indeterminate result should not be interpreted as a final result. A follow up with a healthcare professional and a confirmatory exam is necessary for a final diagnosis.

Pre-diabetes means your blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not yet enough to develop type 2 diabetes. Good news is progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes isn’t inevitable. Losing weight, reducing blood sugar levels by controlling dietary intake and exercise can bring your blood sugar levels right back to normal.

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