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The proprietary blend of Pure Body Protein’s healthy oils, proteins, vitamins and minerals was selected to provide a wide variety of protein sources, as no one source of protein is perfect. This gives you the complete amino acid profile for healthy muscles, skin, hair, nails, cells tissues, eyes, without the added calories, sugars, or carbs. Certain proteins absorb quickly, which provide a burst of energy, and nutrients, while others absorb slowly, keeping you feeling full and satisfied. This sophisticated blend of whey, milk, egg albumin, soy, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein is considered the gold standard of proteins and is loved by millions. 14,000,000 shakes can’t be wrong!

Of course none of the powerful nutritional ingredients matter if you don’t like the taste. As you will experience, it has a rich, decadent, Dutch chocolate flavor, that you will love, as a meal, snack or dessert.

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