24g Purified Protein Shake Starter Kit - Sugar, Soy, & Gluten Free – Pure Body Protein
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    Pure Body Starter Package

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      About This Product

      Why Pure Body Protein?

      Pure Body Protein's proprietary blend of 5 sources of protein is the perfect shake to help reach your goals without all the added carbs, calories, and sugars. It's great for making a breakfast shake, mid-day snack, or as a complete meal replacement. Along with its rich, delicious flavor, It includes 24 grams of protein and 23 daily vitamins and minerals. It's a No Sugar, Low Carb, Low Calorie, Best Tasting Shake for you!  

      What's Great About
      Pure Body Protein?

      Low Carb & No Sugar

      Get 24g Protein with Only 1 Carb & No Sugar!
      And yes they are Keto Friendly!...

      It's Gluten Free, Soy Free & Non GMO

      We have carefully crafted Pure Body Protein to ensure it's free of harmful additives.

      Great as a Snack or Meal

      Wether it's your morning smoothie, meal replacement or just an afternoon snack, it's the perfect quick, delicious meal on the go!

      How to use Pure Body Protein

      -Add it to Water or Milk for a quick afternoon Snack or Meal Replacement.

      -Blend it with Fruit or Veggies for Your Morning Shake.

      -Use the Included Smart Shaker Cup System for a on-the-go Protein Shake

      "I love these Shakes! They are perfect for making my afternoon fruit and veggie smoothies delicious!"

      - Lisa S.

      What's in Pure Body Protein

      Premium Protein Blend

      Proprietary Blend of 5 Sources of Protein for Quick Absorption without Added Calories, Carbs, or Sugars.

      Vitamins & Minerals

      Our Vitamins & Mineral Mix Includes 23 Essential Daily Vitamins and Minerals.


      Fight Free Radicals & Support Overall Health

      "These shakes have become a part of my morning routine.
      Best way to get the day started!"

      - Monica G.

      What Comes in My Order?

      Bag of Pure Body Protein

      Choose Your Flavor! Chocolate, Vanilla,
      or Cookies N' Cream.
      Or Get all 3 with Our Combo Special!


      Smart Shaker Cup

      Our Smart Shaker Cup is perfect for on the go! It features a mixer and compartment to hold your protein powder, nuts or other items.


      Low Carb Recipe and Shake Booklet

      Get Great Shake, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Low Carb Recipes along with dozens of tips to keep you on track!

      The proprietary blend of Pure Body Protein’s healthy oils, proteins, vitamins and minerals was selected to provide a wide variety of protein sources, as no one source of protein is perfect. This gives you the complete amino acid profile without the added calories, sugars, or carbs.

      Frequently asked questions

      Can I Mix Pure Body Protein with Fruits & Vegetables?

      Pure Body Protein mixes great with fruits or vegetables! Wether it's your morning shake or a afternoon snack, it's always a delicious way to get your daily protein!

      How long will my order take to arrive?

      All orders are shipped out the same business day ordered. Most orders arrive within 2-3 days.

      Is this Keto Friendly?

      Yes. Pure Body Protein is Keto and Low Carb friendly!

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