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    Pure Body Starter Package

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      Included in your Starter Kit is a full pound bag of your favorite flavor, meal replacement shake mix. Also included is our amazing Smart Shaker Cup, with mixing ball, storage bin, and drinking spout, and our Low Carb Recipe booklet with dozens of low carb, ketogenic meal and snack recipes

      Pure Body Protein can also be mixed in with other recipes to boost the protein, cut the sugar, while adding a rich delicious dutch chocolate or fresh vanilla flavor to your baked goods, oatmeal, cereals, and more.

      "These shakes have become a part of my morning routine.
      Best way to get the day started!"

      - Monica G.

      The proprietary blend of Pure Body Protein’s healthy oils, proteins, vitamins and minerals was selected to provide a wide variety of protein sources, as no one source of protein is perfect. This gives you the complete amino acid profile without the added calories, sugars, or carbs.

      Frequently asked questions

      Can I Mix Pure Body Protein with Fruits & Vegetables?

      Pure Body Protein mixes great with fruits or vegetables! Wether it's your morning shake or a afternoon snack, it's always a delicious way to get your daily protein!

      How long will my order take to arrive?

      All orders are shipped out the same business day ordered. Most orders arrive within 2-3 days.

      Is this Keto Friendly?

      Yes. Pure Body Protein is Keto and Low Carb friendly!

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