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    Protein Starter Kit Package

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      Pure Body Protein is perfect for increasing your protein intake, replacing a meal, or even as a snack! This is how it's done!

      This truly is the Gold Standard Protein.  Pioneered on athletes, this mixture of fast and slow absorbing proteins, vitamins, minerals, high oleic sunflower oil, monk fruit and other natural flavorings, delivers on its promise. Try if for yourself and see what the excitement is all about.
      Included in your Starter Kit is a full pound bag of your favorite flavor, meal replacement shake mix. Also included is our amazing Smart Shaker Cup, with mixing ball, storage bin, and drinking spout, and our Low Carb Recipe booklet with dozens of low carb, ketogenic meal and snack recipes.
      Pure Body Protein can also be mixed in with other recipes to boost the protein, cut the sugar, while adding a rich delicious dutch chocolate or fresh vanilla flavor to your baked goods, oatmeal, cereals, and more.

      "Love these shakes!!!
      I cut the Carbs, cut the Calories, and.... WOW!!!"

      - Monica G.

      This sophisticated blend of whey, milk, egg albumin, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein is considered the gold standard of proteins and is loved by many. 14,000,000 shakes can’t be wrong!!

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